Our Bowling programs aim: 

1) To create awareness and develop interest in the sport of Tenpin Bowling thorugh a series of fun and engaging activities and mini challenges.

2) Introduce Bowling Etiquette and safety to bowlers.

3) Introduce fundamentals of the sport of Tenpin Bowling

4) Keep the ball on the lane and HAVE FUN!

Programme details:

A 2-hour single session bowling programme aimed at introducing the sport of Giant  Bowling in a light hearted and enjoyable setting.

Participants will go through a sequence of activities and challenges covering the following

1) Safety, Rules & Etiquette

2) Lane dimensions

3) How to select a ball and attire for success

4) The basic setup stance and finishing posture

5) Understand the importance of the swing – Direction & Tension

6) The basic 4 step approach

7) Have fun – mini challenges and fun quiz