Ministry of Football

Freestyle Football Clinic – Sports Exposure

Overall Objective: Our freestyle program brings a fresh approach of the development of the whole child in an academic, social, emotional spiritual and physical sense. It provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self-esteem. Through freestyle, confidence and responsibility are developed and pupils are encouraged to make the most of their abilities. Boys and girls can play together – gender equality is emphasized.

Programme Description: This non-traditional, very agile, skillful physical activity creates passionate, energetic role models extolling the virtues of a healthy lifestyle. They discover new opportunities for fun and fitness – from traditional sports to fresh activities developed by our team of coaches. They enjoy a new found confidence and vitality, while developing teamwork and leadership skills for later life.

Description of each session: The fundamentals are the classical motor skill development and is centered around the acquisition of a number of well defined ‘fundamental movement skills’. Each session will cover simple patterns of agile, balanced and coordinated movement. These are often classified as those that promote locomotion, object manipulation and stability and include; running, jumping, bouncing, throwing, striking, catching, hopping, kicking, trapping, and skipping. They provide the foundation for the development of more complex, sport specific skills.