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Our Bowling programs aim to

1) To create awareness and develop interest in the sport of tenpin Bowling through a series of fun and engaging activities and mini challenges.

2) Introduce Bowling Etiquette and safety to bowlers.

3) Introduce fundamentals of the sport of Tenpin Bowling

4) Keep the ball on the lane and HAVE FUN!

 It is a great game emphasizing teamwork, friendly competition, goal & objective oriented and is interactive and engagement and lots of fun!

Programme details:

A 2-hour single session bowling programme aimed at introducing the sport of Tenpin Bowling in a light hearted and enjoyable setting.

Participants will go through a sequence of activities and challenges covering the following

1) Safety, Rules & Etiquette

2) Lane dimensions

3) How to select a ball and attire for success

4) The basic setup stance and finishing posture

5) Understand the importance of the swing – Direction & Tension

6) The basic 4 step approach

7) Have fun – mini challenges and fun quiz

Advanced Programme details:

Lesson Focus: Developing a strike and spare system. This system involves spot bowling technique, if the floor marking you have don’t include arrows, you will have to adjust the system to aim for pins.

Explain the rationale of hooking the ball into the 1-3 pocket to increase the probability of getting a strike. Inform students that they should move in the direction of the error in throwing the ball. That is, if the ball goes too far to the right, the bowler should move the lateral point of origin to the right while continuing to sue the second arrow in from the gutter as the aiming point. Demonstrate the technique.

Have students practice throwing strikes at only the 1-2-3 pins. Have partners check each other as they make adjustments.

Explain the spare conversion system, emphasizing skill cues 5 – 8. Demonstrate the technique.

Have students practice picking up spares by making the necessary adjustments to the lateral point of origin. Have partners check each other.

Some pointers from:

Lesson Focus: Scoring

Explain and demonstrate he skill cues for scoring. Give each student a copy of the cues. Have students practice different scoring situations. Use an overhead projector or white board to do some situations as a class. Divide the students into partner or small groups and provide them with sample games to score. Have partners help each other. Go around to the groups and answer questions and check for understanding.

Lesson Focus: Practice Scoring

Divide the class into groups of 2 to 4 depending on the equipment you have. Review scoring procedures, emphasizing how to score the 10th frame if a strike or spare is bowled. Hand out score sheets and clipboards. Have students bowl from the 5th frame to the 10th frame and score the game. Have students check each other’s score sheets. Teacher should also check scores sheets for accuracy.

Lesson Focus: Scoring Quiz and Practice games.

Pass out a pre-filled score card and have each student score the game. Trade cards and grade. Go over any questions. Collect cards.

Divide student into groups, no more than 4, depending on the equipment you have. Have student bowl an entire game and score it.

Lesson Focus: Play tournament.

Divide the class into set of partners considering skill levels. Create a round robin tournament schedule with the number of team you have. Add the partner scores for a team score or you can average the partner’s score for a team score. Make a chart and keep track of scores, wins and losses. On the last day have a Championship game. You can also

If you prefer to mix up the teams, you can just play each day as a mini-tournament and switch partner everyday

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