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Overall Objective: Our freestyle program brings a fresh approach of the development of the whole child in an academic, social, emotional spiritual and physical sense. It provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self-esteem. Through freestyle, confidence and responsibility are developed and pupils are encouraged to make the most of their abilities. Boys and girls can play together – gender equality is emphasized.

Programme Description: This non-traditional, very agile, skillful physical activity creates passionate, energetic role models extolling the virtues of a healthy lifestyle. They discover new opportunities for fun and fitness – from traditional sports to fresh activities developed by our team of coaches. They enjoy a new found confidence and vitality, while developing teamwork and leadership skills for later life.

Description of each session: The fundamentals are the classical motor skill development and is centered around the acquisition of a number of well defined ‘fundamental movement skills’. Each session will cover simple patterns of agile, balanced and coordinated movement. These are often classified as those that promote locomotion, object manipulation and stability and include; running, jumping, bouncing, throwing, striking, catching, hopping, kicking, trapping, and skipping. They provide the foundation for the development of more complex, sport specific skills.


Some pointers & guide from:


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    Yoga is Really Helpful and Stretching your Legs and Shoulders Make you Flexible and Make it easier for you
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    The Key is Practicing DO all The Tricks for a Month and After That You WILL Be Good at it in a month.
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    Get a soccer ball( not pumped too hard ) and start practicing juggling. The key to that is to try to keep the ball below your hip and put a backward spin on it. Juggling helps your ball control and the speed of your legs.[2] Practice juggling for 1 hour every day for about a month, most likely you are going to be an expert in juggling and you are able to do 100 keep-ups no sweat (if you practice).
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    Another basic trick is Around the World (ATW) when you flick the ball up go around it, and start juggling after you are done. This is not as easy as it sounds. For this trick you need a lot of speed and again a lot of patience. You should begin with the motion of it, and try doing it as fast as possible.[4] When you think you are ready, out a ball in the play. Again practice for an hour a day for about 2 months and you can master this. But this trick is a lot harder than juggling so you need more patience. (*You can do this trick from juggling or from a stall, in both cases you should start going around the ball right after you flick it up, for juggling ATW, you should hit the ball from the right side of your foot for right legged people, and from the left side of your foot for left legged people.)
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    Another basic trick that will get you the oohs and aahs is the neck stall. Similar to foot stall you balance it on your neck. You can do this trick from a foot stall, you flick it up this time about half a meter higher than your head. Then you cushion the ball on your neck keeping you back straight on a 90 degree angle and keep your arm pointing back keeping your elbows straight.[5] The key move in this trick is to cushion the ball on your neck, meaning you take the power of the ball away by going down at the same time as the ball only a bit slower than it so the power can be absorbed to your back/neck. Practice this trick for about half an hour every day for 2 weeks and you can perfect it. This trick is much easier than ATW.
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    After you have perfected these 3 tricks, step your game up and link them all together. For example you can begin by juggling then going to a foot stall, then do ATW, followed by another foot stall and then a neck stall. If you are able to do all these three moves and keep the ball off the ground, you are going to be given respect.