Because of the varied (often large) numbers of schools & government organization programs, we are often able to provide a very large discount to tailor a program for you, so please contact us at email or whatsapp 92799906 


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(pls note: this is a general guide, as almost all events will vary in cost due to large number of participants (economies of scale), or specific requirements – so do contact us so that we can walk you through!

The main information we need from you are:

a) number of participants

b) do you need us to provide a venue?

c) age group & fitness level of participants

d)what is your budget? (This is the key determinant of how sophisticated your program can be)



Duration Off Peak Peak
(Daily, including weekends and public holidays) *before 5 pm *weekdays after 5 pm; all weekend hours
1 hour $300 $350
2 hours $580 $680
3 hours $890 $980
4 or more hours Please contact us! Please contact us!
*special circumstances like large equipment, more facilitators or coaches will cost more

Please contact us at email or whatsapp 92799906.

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