Shoot or be shot!  Paintball is an exhilarating sport that is fun to play!

Paintball is an exciting recreational game and organized sport played year round, outdoors and indoors. The most basic game is “Capture the Flag” where the object is to capture the other team’s flag and return it to your team’s home base “flag station” for the win, while defending your own flag from the other team!

Every player, and every person in or near authorized shooting areas, must wear eye protection designed for paintball, consisting of goggles that protect the eyes and face. Both teams start from their home base and wait for the referees to call “Game on!” At the signal they advance through the playing field in search of the flag. Games usually have a 20 minute or less time limit. The referees are in charge of starting and stopping the games, enforcing safety and supervising playing rules.

Each player uses a paintball marker, powered by CO2 or compressed air, which shoots the paintballs. Paintballs are colorful gelatin capsules like big round vitamins filled with a bright-colored, biodegradable (washable) liquid. Upon contact, the paintballs split open to leave a “splat” mark that “marks” a player out of that game. The more opponents that are marked out, the easier it is to capture their flag.

What is needed to play paintball?

The field makes available all the equipment and supplies needed to play paintball, including markers, goggles and paintballs. It’s advisable to wear loose-fitting, dark clothing (shorts and short sleeves are not recommended) and comfortable footwear with ankle support.

What about safety?

Field operators are committed to providing safe, enjoyable paintball games for all players. Each player must attend a safety and rules orientation prior to play. Shooting is restricted to the playing field, target range, and chronograph areas only. Projectile speeds are strictly controlled for safety, usually less than 285 fps. Players are expected to follow the rules of safe play at all times.

What does it cost?

A day of paintball generally costs about $50, sometimes more depending on what rental gear is needed and how much paint a player shoots during the day.

Does it hurt to get hit with a paintball?

This is the first question asked new players usually ask about the sport. Getting hit by a paintball typically “stings” or “smarts” a little, especially if shot inside of 20 feet and directly on your skin. Typically, this will result in a small welt or bruise. The best comparison for what it feels like is snapping yourself with a rubber band. Because of this, Paintball is recommended for 12+. If this bothers you, you can wear extra protective padding, such as knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, chest protectors, and neck protectors. And, of course, approved paintball masks to protect your eyes and face are mandatory safety gear.

Do venues offer private games?

Private paintball games are an ideal activity for special events such as birthday parties, corporate recreation or team building activities, etc. Don’t delay! Call today for group rate information and available days to book your private game.

Are you prepared for the adrenaline rush of paintball?


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