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Laser tag is a tag game played with guns that fire infrared beams. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. Laser tag is popular with a wide range of ages. Laser tag has evolved into both indoor and outdoor styles of play, and may include simulations of combat, role play-style games, or competitive sporting events including tactical configurations and precise game goals.

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Game formats:

Capture the flag – this is where a player steals the opponents’ flag and takes it back to his or her own base in order to score a point or win the match (depending on score system).

Protect the VIP – The team with the VIP must hide and conceal them for a set length of time while the opposing team tries to eliminate the VIP within the given time limit. There are several variants of VIP, where the VIP has to perform several actions in order to be “evacuated”.

Stealth or Invisibility matches – Where the lights indicating a player’s target sensors are deactivated.

Base-centric matches – where a team must defend a base while simultaneously attacking the opponent’s base. Many prominent laser tag game systems, including LASERTRON, LaserBlast and Zone utilize this game format.

“Borg” matches – where players on a team share a pool of commonly held resources.

Juggernaut matches – One player is allocated as the ‘juggernaut’ and gains points for staying as the juggernaut. Other players attempt to eliminate this player and thus become the juggernaut themselves. Similar to Domination-style games.

Domination matches[7] – where a player gains points for possessing a field target for certain lengths of time.

Elimination matches – where a player is eliminated if tagged a certain number of times. Players may play individually (Battle Royale) or in teams. One variant of elimination mixes with Domination to force players to move instead of camping

Battle Royale matches[8] – where players eliminate each other until there is only one survivor, and where certain mechanisms are implemented to discourage camping. The game can be played solo, in duos or in squads.[9]

Evacuation matches – where one team doesn’t possess the ability to respawn and has to defend against infinite number of opponents for a given amount of time

Role-Playing or Character Class-based games – where each player’s equipment performs a different function.

Shoot out at the OK Corral – Players have only one life and line up shoulder to shoulder in two lines about six feet apart. On the command Go they start shooting until only one side remains.


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