Our programs and instructors primarily teach:

A. Equip students with knowledge of care for the environment,  outdoor education through the orienteering and adventure components, simple outdoor cooking, etc.

B. Learning to thrive in the outdoors, away from participants’ usual environments through development and application of these skills:
– problem solving

-understanding the importance of a sufficient night’s rest

-building camaraderie through common goals and living together

-equipment learning

-basic food & water requirements



Depending on your objectives, the following will also be incorporated:


1. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies, especially

– Self-Management,

– Relationship (peers, teachers and parents/guardian) and

– Responsible Decision Making skills.

– Empower participants to improve their resilience and cooperate with others towards a common objective.

2. Learning for Life Programme (LLP) values that prepare participants for future roles in society and teach Moral values such as:


Hard work.

Respect for others.




3. Leadership Learning to prepare and  for Life Programme (LLP) values that prepare participants for future roles in society and teach Moral values such as:

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving.
Team Building.
Professionalism/Work Ethic.
Supervising Others.
Conflict Resolution.
Emotional Intelligence.
Communication Skills.

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