Swat, Clank, Swoosh! Sword tag is a tag game played with safe foam swords! 

It is a great game emphasising teamwork, friendly competition, goal & objective oriented and is interactive and engagement and lots of fun!

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Sword Tag Captain

The most strategic Sword Tag gameplay there is: Play Captain’s ball with Sword Tag ! Get your captain from YOUR base to the ENEMY’s base and DEFEND YOUR OWN BASE SIMULTANEOUSLY! 

1) Choose your team Captain

2) Designate the bases

3) Whichever team gets their captain from their designated zone to the opponent team’s designated zone first wins. BUT DON”T FORGET: if the captain gets dies, you also lose!

Sword Tag Invasion

Another strategic Sword Tag gameplay:  GET YOUR WHOLE TEAM INTO YOUR ENEMY’S TERRITORY!  The team that manages to INVADE your opponent first wins! But remember: DON’T GET KNOCK DOWN!

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