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Some basic rules and learning points of Cue Sports

    • Fundamentals

      • Stance


        Bridges Grip

        Shot Preparation

        Cue ball speed

    • Aiming

      • Aim Point vs. Contact Point

        Use of the Ghost Ball

        Cut Shots – Throw Shots

        Center Ball Aim

    • Spinning the cue ball

      • Top spin

        Bottom spin

        Side Spin

        Various Draw Shots

    • Position play

      • Tangent Lines

        Vertical Axis (Cue Ball off Object Ball)

        Horizontal Axis (Cue Ball off Rail)

        One Rail Position – Multi-rail position

        Strength of stroke – Power position

        Shape with object ball on the rail

        Shape with object ball near the rail

        Looking ahead – Rail first shots

    • Cue ball safeties