MOF Bubble Ball, Bubble Soccer fun & Corporate Training with Ministry of Football Pte Ltd! 

How about some Bubble ball with Ministry of Football ? MOF is a GEBIZ & SEP trading partner, servicing schools, tertiary institutions, government bodies etc. Every month schools, educational institutions, government bodies or companies engage us for some Bubble Ball, Bubble Soccer fun & Corporate Training  & Bonding!

Please see the pictures on this page for an idea of Bubbleball Soccer fun. We have done events for 35 to 300 participants. The appropriate ages are 9 and above. You can also decide how many hours for the program – whether 1 or more. We have done events up to 5 hours before.

In addition, Bubbleball Soccer is an MOE-endorsed SEP program. Please contact us for more details.
Please refer to the pictures on our website to see the type of bubbleball suits we use: the legs of each participant are outside of the bubbleball (making it very easy to wear the bubbleball, and also to exit the bubbleball). This is our preferred and very safe type of bubbleball (as opposed to the full-body-encased type, which we feel are a high risk).

The cost of our our services is typically $30 per hour per student with a minimum number of 35 participants. With larger numbers in each session it becomes much cheaper. Note however, waiting time for each team of participants must also be factored into consideration: generally, the more participants there are, the more waiting time there will be unless more pitches are used (in which case costs will go up).  Bubbleball Soccer is for Ages 9 and above (minimum height of participants 140 cm).

Please also consider if the participants all arrive together, or have staggered arrivals.  There is also a safety briefing of 15 min – therefore please factor that into your total time (for example, a one hour one pitch booking with us, for 40 persons will mean

40 persons = 8 teams, and

One hour booking = 45 min of game play = 4.5 games = 8 teams play once.

Before we can quote u a more accurate costing, we would need to know

  • how many participants will there be in total?

  • the total time involved, (keep in mind the fitness/age/rest time needed/waiting time)

  • the kind of game format you wish (divide into teams, round robin or knockout tournaments, or just exhibition games – examples of how previous schools have done it). The easy method is 5 vs 5 in a single pitch, each round 10 minutes

  • Where you wish the venue to be (we prefer our own partner venue that is fully sheltered, and safe)

  • Are the students arriving staggered, or all together?

Bubble ball is typically held at a partner venue with sheltered facilities, and in 5-a-side sized futsal courts – big enough for a game of no more than 10 minutes for 10 kids in each court. This should give u an idea of how much space is required (many people underestimate the space required – which is sizable. Caged futsal courts with padded flooring also ensures safety within boundaries.

However, if you choose to hold it in your own venue, you will need to ensure that there is ample space in your own location to accommodate our bubble ball activity, and all obstacles are removed

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Some example of game formats here – our instructors will also improvise on the spot and create new games where necessary. But here are more commonly played ones: Bubbleball Soccer / Knockout / Island / and many more!. 

It is a great game emphasizing teamwork, friendly competition, goal & objective oriented and is interactive and engagement and lots of fun!

Bubble Soccer

As the name implies: you play soccer in a bubbleball! Each arena can contain 2 sides of 4,5,6,7 even 8 bubbleball participants depending on the playing area size you have. The rules are simple: you try to score a goal while wearing a bubbleball, with a single goal keeper in the game who must stay within a 1-2m radius (depending on the size of your play area) from the goalpost.  No other players can enter this ‘goalkeep area’. Game can last for 5 to 10 mins each, depending on intensity of gameplay and stamina of participants. 

Bubble Knockout!

Bubble Knockout is all about strategy and physical prowess combined as participants try and eliminate each other by knocking each other down.

How to play? Very simple: don’t get knocked down! When participants are knocked down, they have return to base and exit the game (do not stay where you are as you may be an obstacle to other players!)  The team that manages to knock down all the opponents first  wins. A knock down is when the Bubble Suit touches the ground – so that can also include when you kneel down! 

Bubble Captain

The most strategic bubbleball gameplay there is: Play Captain’s ball in our Bubbleball suits! Get your captain from YOUR base to the ENEMY’s base and DEFEND YOUR OWN BASE SIMULTANEOUSLY! 

1) Choose your team Captain

2) Designate the bases

3) Whichever team gets their captain from their designated zone to the opponent team’s designated zone first wins. BUT DON”T FORGET: if the captain gets knocked down (i.e. the Captain’s suit touches the ground), you also lose!

Bubble Island

Another strategic bubbleball gameplay:  GET YOUR WHOLE TEAM INTO YOUR ENEMY’S TERRITORY!  The team that manages to INVADE your opponent first wins! But remember: DON’T GET KNOCK DOWN!

To get more info, email us at  or Whatsapp 92799006 or click this: